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Should I Trademark My Company Logo Design?

A company logo represents the company’s brand. In most cases, consumers usually remember companies through their exclusive logos, making them a huge part of the brand. When creating a company logo, you have the choice of trademarking it or not.

For small businesses that usually don’t have big budgets to spend, it is important to have an idea of whether trademarking the company logo is a wise investment. We have taken the time to put together a detailed article on whether you should consider trade marking your business logo design, especially when operating on a small budget. Read on to find out some of the main reasons why you should copyright your business logo.

Trademarks are Assets

Exclusive logos are an asset on their own. As time passes and the level of awareness of your company’s logo increases among consumers, its value increases exponentially. Trademark protected logos offer value over and above the value provided by your company’s core business. You can use the logo to move from one line of business to another with the established reputation. Trademarks can be licensed for a fee, used as security in obtaining financing and many other instances where they represent value.

Make Marketing Easier

Of course, the most important function of exclusive logos is to communicate a certain message to the target market. The logo captures your company’s spirit, reputation, services and products. Having a logo also makes it easier for you to take advantage of online marketing platforms including websites and social media pages. People usually find it easier to remember exclusive logos and use them regularly when looking for brands or companies online.

Never Expire

Once you register a logo as a trademark, you get to use it for eternity so long as you pay the periodic registration renewal fees. Some of the most well-known exclusive logos have been in existence for decades and some even centuries. You can be sure that the investments you make in maintaining your company’s logo become an asset which is continuously growing in terms of its own worth.

Easy to Obtain

Now that you have an idea of exactly why you should register a business logo, it is worth mentioning that the process is quite easy. You can either handle the logo copyrights registration process yourself or hire an agency that specializes in the same.

As your business logo becomes popular among the consumers in the market you serve, it becomes easier for them to find you and your products from the available variety. Logo copyrights ensure that other businesses do not take advantage of your successful logo and brand by copying logo colors or the design itself.


Company Logo Design Trademark ®

Company Logo Design Trademark ®

Our Logos exclusive! get sole copyright

By purchasing Ready made Logo Online you get sole ownership. Furthermore, we remove the template immediately from our catalog, so it’s not available for purchase again.

In addition, customer who purchases a logo, receive a certificate of origin logo design license. This certificate attests that the logo is exclusive to him. Hence, the buyer is the sole owner. Most of all, logo copyrights belong to the buyer and the buyer can also trademark his new logo.

Origin Logo design license Certificate

  1. Our ready made logos exclusive: Every customer who purchases one of our exclusive logo designs will have solo ownership.
  2. The logo not be sold again and be automatically removed: We remove the template immediately so it will not be available for purchase again.
  3. Special Origin Logo design certificate: The buyer of the logo will receives a logo certificate. This Logo certificate ID Including the business name and serial number of the logo. In addition, The certificate attests that the logo design was purchased by the buyer and the buyer will have exclusive sole ownership. Hence, The Logo copyright belong to the buyer.
  4. Using the logo: The buyer will be able to use his new logo design to all his commercial needs
  5. Trademark ( TM ):The owner of the logo can  register the logo his a trademark (TM ).
Origin Logo design license Certificate

Origin Logo design license Certificate

The registered trademark symbol (®) is a symbol that provides notice that the preceding word or symbol is a trademark or service mark that has been registered with a national trademark office.