15 thoughts on “The connotation and significance of a logo design

  1. I am searching for suggestions about the best way to raise the quantity of feedback on my own blog site, exactly how did you flourish in carrying this out?

  2. Thanks so much for writing this up as I was embarrassed to say I was never clear as to why having the “right” logo was so important for a company. You explain it so well!

  3. Thanks for pointing out why having the right logo is a must have for any company. I never really understood the reason for it before. This article explains so much.

  4. We have yet to get a logo designed for our company, I'm a bit embarrassed to admit! We were still changing things around a lot, trying to find our exact niche and product, so we could not decide on any one logo design to go for. I like your point about needing to be broad enough with the logo design we chose so that it can cover any changes the business makes in the future. That's good advice!

  5. The main thing to remember with a logo, is to make it relevant to your brand or business. I have seen so many logos that don't make sense in relation to their niche.

    It doesn't reflect positively on the business at all.

  6. Excellent article!
    What I think logo requires is the inclusion of an image characterize a society and it is very important to include a slogan! A unique slogan that can bring Customers, something readable, Catchie sentence, beads and attractive!

  7. Well in matter of a fact, You summarized all here, everything in this article.
    First, as a graphic designer, I want to note that what is said here, just right! Especially the part of the criteria for creating a logo. Nothing is more important to this part. the first thing when i’m getting to work is over all the criteria!

  8. Smart logo design is essential for a company. When you see the Pizza "Hut" or the Mcdonalds arch, you know exactly what those products are without reading anything else.


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