QR Code – Why every business owner needs it

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You’ve probably seen dozens of times the strange black cube appears in commercials recently called code. The first time I heard the QR code I did not understand at all why need it.
The main advantage of the Internet is the ease to get from point to point. Think of it as soon as you click on a link you are sent from one Web page to another Web page, even if the two sites are located at both ends of the globe.


QR code becomes a means of bridging the real world and the virtual world. According to Wikipedia (QR code – abbreviated from Quick Response Code) The QR Code system has become popular due to its fast readability and greater storage capacity compared to standard UPC barcodes. a kind of barcode bi – dimensional, which encodes textual information graphically – visually. Code was invented in Japan in 1994, by Dansou, a subsidiary of conglomerate Toyota, a code decoding speed. At the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century using the code common throughout the world, and smart phones have become the primary input device code with the camera included in them. QR code is a square built in three small squares vertex are used anchors. Between squares dotted line passes difficult to identify the human eye, and another smaller square is the fourth in his crown. These graphical methods allow the device scans the code to identify the direction of the code reading, and reading. Large squares adjacent encoded version of the code. Version sets the number of lines in the code, and the amount of information given encoding.


Today the codes are used in newspaper articles, advertisements, billboards, business cards and web sites or applications. It is also possible to combine your company logo with the code, as big companies tend to do today. So what can be done with a QR code and how is it relevant to you?

Producing or marketing a product? You can catch up on the product label QR and link to the product manuals. No more Instruction Manual disappeared from the drawer in the kitchen just when you need it. The client does not get along with the operation of the product and need help? With his smartphone he photographs the code and get relevant operating instructions for the specific product. You can catch up on the product label QR. Customer filming label, linked to a form to fill details. You can enter automatically with all the details of the specific product code and pasted it will open a call center service. Provide customers with marketing materials or information in print? Instead of footnotes to the text be ordered QR code. With written information on the product, the customer can take the code to link the YouTube channel of the company were, the chance to see a video explaining how the product works. Another option is to add a QR code next to every product in the catalog. All code will link to a Web page with detailed product information, including text, images and video.

If you want to own your own QR code, on the Internet you will find free code generators, you can simply search for the term “free QR code generator” and reaches a variety of sites that offer the service free of charge.


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4 Replies to “QR Code – Why every business owner needs it”

  1. Erica says:

    QR codes are very popular now and will soon be replacing barcodes for purchasing. The are very customizable and unique. Cool to be able to make your own codes now- I’d buy one!

  2. Anono says:

    I personally love QR codes. They are a very effective way to get information from a sign or even my computer screen to my phone — to open a link, download an app, etc. However, I’m afraid that they are in fact just another manual method of entering data, albeit a simpler way than using a keyboard.

  3. Phil says:

    QR codes are hella easy to do… really… there are plenty of websites that can make your QR code in seconds… Loking at that picture I saw QR code on that shirt… is that possible in reality? I mean if I print a QR code on a shirt will it work when scanned?

    1. Keren says:

      You can print Qr code, Logo design or any graphic you like on a T-shirt

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