Protecting The Brand – Copyright Logo Design and Business Name

copyright logo design

Protecting The Brand, Logo or Business Name: How You Make Sure They Will Not Steal the Name and Logo


Your Business brand, logo or name, are very important identifiers of your business. Failing to protect the business name, logo or brand is tantamount to letting your business be confused with other myriads of businesses offering the same products and services as you are. Therefore, branding a business is critical if you want to establish your presence in the market.

Curiously, there are many business owners who have not been persuaded of the need to have a copyright business name. Indeed many people are not aware that just offering good services or having good products is not enough for you to rack in the profits because there are many others doing the same, or even offering better services and products at lower prices. What you also need, apart from offering quality goods and services at a competitive price, is to establish your own brand. A good example is Google. What Google has done is that it has established itself as a search engine giant. Even its logo so easily identifiable so much that you could identify Google with just its logo. A copyright logo design is definitely what you require to identify yourself in the market, and stand out.


At, you’ll find many ready-made logos from which you can choose a logo for your business. Once you have purchased a logo, that template will be disabled from the list of logo on the website. By purchasing the logo, you automatically get the exclusive rights to own the logo; hence, the full copyright of that logo. You get a certificate of origin design once you have purchased a logo. A customised new logo is yet another way to get a copyright logo. It means that a logo will be designed from scratch once you fill in the order.

You can’t afford to let your competitors mimic your business brand; no serious businessperson can let that happen. Protect yourself by making use of trademarks logo design, and establish yourself. Never make the costly mistake of letting customers get lost in the sea of your competition. Let the customers identify with your brand wherever they see your products.


certificate of origin logo design

certificate of origin logo design

Design Online Logo is there to ensure that your dream of becoming a recognisable brand is achieved. Branding your business using customised or ready-made logos (that are accompanied by business cards) from Design Online Logo is the best investment decision, which will guarantee huge dividends, you can make. Professional logo design done at is affordable to everyone. Once ordered, it is delivered to you through email within few hours. However, it may take longer to receive your order especially with customised logos.

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11 Replies to “Protecting The Brand – Copyright Logo Design and Business Name”

  1. Scott Jenson says:

    Logos are a critical aspect of business marketing, a company’s logo identifies a company’s brand and identifies a company within the target market. A well-designed logo is critical to a company’s overall marketing strategy.

  2. Anono says:

    So many people get this step wrong. They design logos that have no representation of their business, and say nothing about the brand , the business or the product. Waste of marketing dollars.

  3. Kumar says:

    This is exactly what need to do.
    A Lot of young designers are creating real high and unique logos and after publishing it is all around the net for free… which is like stealing!
    So copyrights is one of the most important issue here…

  4. Sean Barlow says:

    I never really though about copyrighting my logo but it makes a lot of sense.I know a lot of people take pictures and artwork off the Internet and use it for their own purposes.

    I’ve sepnt a lot of time and money on my logo and I should protect it.

  5. Darryl Johnson says:

    Great information. How much would something like this cost?

  6. Michael says:

    I want to save my logo from stealers! I will follow your precious advices, I care about my business… Thanks for the dedication you put in this blog!

  7. AnnaLynn Fox says:

    How much does it cost exactly to get the logo copyrighted?

  8. James says:

    Once you have purchased an exclusive logo design you automatically get the exclusive rights to own the logo and the full copyright of your logo. Just make sure to get this certificate that proving that you own the logo. In case someone copies your logo, you can pull out the logo certificate, and protect your business easily. I love this idea and love your logo designs

  9. Jordan Habib says:

    The certificate that you providing with the logo design is so important! I can’t afford to let my competitors still my brand. Thank you for your advice. This

  10. Michael says:

    Thank you for the valuable information. I am very impressed with your work and your logo designs

  11. Steven Adams says:

    It is in reality useful piece of information. I wasn’t sure if I needed to include the TM mark in my logo design. I am glad that you shared this with us and I’m glad you gave me the certificate of origin with my new logo design.

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