How to Get Unique and Luxurious Premium Business Cards

Unique and Luxurious Premium Business Cards

Take Time to Know How to Get Unique and Luxurious Premium Business Cards

Premium Business Cards are one of the most vital marketing tools today and if you are a business owner, you seriously need to create one that suits it best.

As far as business cards are concerned, what matters most is a professional look. The best cards are the ones which are attractive enough to the eyes without being overly done, particularly when it comes to graphics and text.

However, to come up with luxury and premium business cards which are unique at the same time, you have to think not just about a professional company logo and name to display. There are plenty of printing options and paper options you can consider to create the most luxurious business cards.

Here are some helpful tips to help you out and create Premium Business Cards:

Embossing Effect

To make your business cards stand out from the crowd, you can consider embossing for some graphics and texts. Embossing will produce a raised effect on chosen areas of your card. A recessed and raised die is used for achieving this effect, creating a pattern raised against the background. This technique can work for your business name or logo design.

Pick the Best Paper Stock

Quality of business cards will typically depend on the paper stock you use. A few of the most appropriate finishes include suede velvet laminates, silk laminated, matte or gloss laminated and you can even go for uncoated. Every paper option has its own set of pros and cons and you have to consider these before you make the final decision for your cards. You also need to think of the paper thickness.

Go for Debossing

Instead of having selected areas raised as in the case of embossing, *debossing will force the paper material down the surface. It means that the debossed text or pattern is going to be recessed into the surface of the paper, giving that pleasant final look. This effect works well with thicker paper stocks since this can offer deeper impressions.

Die Cut the Cards

It is another one of a kind approach for premium looking business cards. The process of die cutting is where paper stock is being cut to certain shapes through the help of a cutting die. Here, the paper is put on a flat surface with a backing for support and the desired die will be pressed on to cut as wanted. When you go for die cutting, make sure that you choose professionally unique shapes.

Paint or Color the Edges

Many people might not consider color edging when creating business cards but this will make your cards truly stand out. You might want to match the edge colors to the colors of your brand or go for contrasting colors so that professionalism will not be stolen from your cards. You might be able to give a good twist to your cards through going for metallic colors such as gold, silver and copper which have a luxurious feel to them or the fluorescent colors which are fun and exciting.

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  1. Brian says:

    question– will the logo be resell or it will only mine? how do you make sure the logo will be mine?

    1. Hello Brian, once you buy an exclusive logo design with us, we give you Sole Ownership + full Copyrights. We also provide a certificate of origin logo design license. This special certificate attests that the logo is exclusive to you. Furthermore, we will remove the logo template immediately so it will not be available for purchase again.

  2. Annette says:

    I always get premium business cards with a little bit of a shine on them (to prevent damage from humidity or rain) and placed on a thicker card stock.

  3. Franco says:

    Do you print the business cards and send them to my address or do I have to print them in other site, how exactly this process works and how much does it cost?

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