How to create a logo with design-online-logo.com

Can I Preview the logo Before I Purchase it?

All of our logos are hand made HD quality, The designer need the order code first to open the logo and design it for you.

Please don’t worry, the logo will look exactly the same as you see it online, only you will reactive it customized with your name and slogan.

We will deliver the samples for your approval.


I didn't received any files

We usually deliver the logo within a few hours and up to 24 hours.

If you do not receive the logo files:

1. Check in your email spam box (usually files go in as spam)

2. Check that the email address you provided is correct – we deliver the logo to the same e-mail that you used with Paypal

3. You can contact Customer Service at info@design-online-logo.com, Specify the order number and your e-mail address

What is an Exclusive Logo?

Once you have purchased an exclusive logo template, that logo-template is immediately disabled and will be removed from our web site. By purchasing an exclusive logo you get sole ownership and full copyright of that logo.
Every customer who purchases our exclusive logo design receives a certificate. Certificate of origin logo design license – logo ID – attests that the logo design was purchased by the buyer is exclusive.


How do I receive my logo & when?

The designed logo will be sent to you via email within a few hours.

Sometimes delivery time can take anywhere from a day to several days. This is when payment has not been approved or that it is not a working day.

I’ve place an order, What happens next?

Once you’ve placed your order, Our designers  will customize your logo template and business card using your information and send you the samples for your approval.

The files will be sent to you via email within a few hours.

We send the files to the email address that you used with PayPal, please make sure it is working 🙂

I don’t have a Paypal Account

You can Checkout Without a PayPal Account.
Here’s how this works If you do not have an account:
You simply register and open a temporary account, enter your name and shipping address to Paypal.
They’re prompted for your credit card, email address, and phone number.

***This means you can complete payments first, and then decide whether to save your information in a PayPal account for future purchases.

you can read more about paying with PAYPAL 


We offer a full money-back guarantee on all of our Ready-made logos.

Contact our customer service info@design-online-logo.com and within 15 days you will get a full refund.

The only condition is that we did not deliver open source file of the logo.


read more about our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

Will i get the logo ready for print & web?

The final logo and business card designs will be sent to you in high quality format, ready for print with unlimited resolution.

We also supply pixel based format which can be used on your website, Facebook, social media and more.

The logo can be used for all branding and advertising needs such as T-shirts, billboards, black and white printing, presentations, print on vehicles, newspaper ads, etc.

Files Formats  included: AI, EPS, PDF, PSD, PNG, JPG

What Files Formats included?

Files Formats included:

  • AI – Adobe Illustrator HD EDITABLE VECTOR FILE 
  • EPS – High quality texts and Almnteim vectors
  • PDF – format most versatile and flexible exists for print
  • PSD – Photoshop open file with layers
  • PNG – Transparency background, Recommended for use for websites and Power-Point presentations.
  • JPG / JPEG – format used to store images

Can you design my logo In another language?

YES! We design every language, To receive the logo in a language other than English, please write you business name and slogan in your native language.

Our logo designers will know what to do 🙂 they will deliver the samples via e-mail for your approval

Can I modify the logo myself?

You will get open files of your new logo design.

You need Adobe illustrator or Photoshop and you are good to go. With average user experience with such software, you can do whatever modifications you wish for. (change the logo, colors, fonts, text and more)

Will you customize the logo free of charge?

When you purchase a logo you get one round of free text modification.

We design the logo template with your business name and slogan.

You can change colors & fonts with additional fee (you will see it on the logo page). If you need additional design services you can purchase Custom Design service on our site.

Can you customize the fonts & colors?

YES! For $29 you can upgrade your logo design.

You can add or Change colors & Font in your Logo & Business Card. This customization service includes one round of colors & font changes. If you need additional design services you can purchase this service on our site.

Can I talk directly with my designer?

Our designers are at your service at any stage you can call or e-mail us, and we will be happy to be in touch.

Work hours – South Africa Time Zone (UTC+02:00): 09:30-19:30


WhatsApp: +27604671893

NEW YORK +1-646-432-0770
LONDON +44-203-642-3687
SYDNEY +61-280-73-4410
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