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Address: 405 Lexington Ave.  10174, USA



Address: 12 Leadenhall Street, EC3V 1LR UK



Address: 135 King Street, NSW 2000, Australia


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Logo International Group

405 Lexington Ave.
New york,

Phone: (646) 432-0770

27 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hello to the great team of,
    I hope that this message finds you well. I just wanted to say thank you for my new logo design! I love it

    Gloria Wurm
    Marketing Manager
    (877) 228-1545

    • Hello Daniel,
      YES! When you buy a logo with us we gift you with a free business card design. We also do the modification – no extra charge 🙂
      If you need anything please let me know, I am here for you

  2. I just stop by to say thank you for my new logo. The shopping process was so simple and fast, I got my logo ready with my company name in less than an hour – amazing

  3. Hey there! My name is Scott, Remember me? Hope you are well. I want to ask if you guys can send me the files again. My computer crashed a few days ago and all the files of my logo design and business cards have been deleted.
    I really thank you for your help,
    That’s my email:

  4. It was so easy, fast and exactly the logo I wanted! I had tried two other places before finding your logo site. That was so easy to get my logo and wooooow that was fast!… ★★★★★

  5. Hello, my name is Bridget an I am the owner of a little interior design business in Florida. I’m contacting you because I came upon your amazing logos store.
    I can have my dream logo designed within a few minutes!! Well maybe not minutes 🙂 took me a while to decide on the icon, so many examples … hard to choose form

    Thank you for making my life easy,

  6. Outstanding customer service! Thank you for making it happen. I was looking for a logo for my business so long, Now it is just perfect! THANK YOU FOR BEEN SO HELPFUL 😀

  7. Hi, I’ve created a new website and I need a logo for my company. I love your logos and the fact that they are exclusive. If I buy a logo, it will removed from your website?

  8. Hi, I came across your website, and noticed that you gift your customers with a free business card design. I wanted to know, once I will buy the logo design that I am interested in, is the card will be also designed with my company information? I know the logo will be made with my company name, I am not sure about the free business cards. Thanks

    • Hello Bob,
      Yes, we will design the business card with you full company information. team will send the design for your approval. Once you are happy with the final results we will send you the files, ready for print. All will be free of charge!

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