5 Online Branding Secrets for Real Estate Industry

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5 Online Branding Secrets for Real Estate Industry

To succeed in the Real Estate Industry, you must have a good plan for online branding and differentiating your company. Odds are, in your locality, there are dozens of other real estate companies competing with you for home buyers and sellers. What is it that will lure these customers into employing your company’s services? Why should they come to you and not the company down the street?

Here are 5 brand building secrets that your real estate company should consider:

1. Create Exclusive Real Estate Logos.

An expertly done logo will capture the customer’s attention. Using online logo design tools and websites has now made this process even easier. A logo should clearly be able to tell what your company is about. The internet has got lots of opportunities that you can use to create exclusive logos for your company, including sites like http://design-online-logo.com/ and http://www.logos-store.com/.

Additionally, business cards sell your company and give information on how to contact you, so make it presentable and eye-catching. Adding a picture to your business card creates a good first impression between your customer and the company.

2.  Custom Branding Design.

When choosing pictures for custom branding design, let’s say, for your website, make sure you use images of actual houses that are in your locality. Hiring an expert photographer to take quality pictures of the houses improves the visual appeal to customers. Such images can be used to advertise your real estate company on your newsletters, magazine articles, posters or bills. Avoid images from the internet that may be subject to copyright.

3.  Online Branding.

Although real estate agents are still used, the online domain is nowadays the preferred means of brand building. Creating a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate and mobile friendly will allow you to reach multiple customers in one go. Using virtual tour videos as a tool in online branding is a good substitute for house viewing.

It is easy to make such virtual tour videos that can solve the hassle of real estate agents having to take potential home buyers to view houses. Social Media Ads on Facebook reach hundreds of potential home buyers fast and efficiently. This kind of effective online branding is what you want for your real estate company in the Real Estate Industry.

4. Local Sponsorship.

Ensure that your real estate company participates in local charities and fundraising events as an organizer or sponsor. At such events, hand out your business cards, newsletters and posters inviting them to work with you. Give out freebies such as pens and water bottles to lure potential customers.

5. Partnerships

Make partnerships with local businesses to help you in marketing your real estate company. This will help you market your company to an even wider scope on the market.

In a nutshell, effective online branding will help you stand out in the real estate industry. Follow the above steps and you will notice more and more clients requesting for your services.


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  1. Janus says:

    Are you able to RE-design an existing logo, Ive paid a logo in other company and they just wasted my money, I need to change its colors and other little things

    1. Hello Janus. I think we can help you with redesigning your company logo. Please send us an email with the logo you wish to re-design, let us know what are your needs and dreams. We will do our very best to help you and recreate your logo to something your are happy to use.

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